Font Friday: Graceful

Congratulations, everybody, we have made it to another Friday! I don't know about you, but this week beat me up a bit. I always forget how many rush orders pop up in this time of year - but I'm managing a record number this year, and I certainly feel like I'm ending the week looking a little less than graceful. Food? Shower? What on Earth are those things?!

Just kidding. I've showered AND eaten this week.

I've also done some therapy shopping. But since I'm a fontaholic, you better believe that my therapy shopping has been fonts. I picked up Graceful for $19 + 20% off on Creative Market. My soft spot will always be sweet script fonts - and that's exactly what Graceful is.

So, if you're had a rough week, or maybe a FANTASTIC week, and your feeling either totally un-graceful, or completely Audrey-graceful, I think you need to embrace Graceful.

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