Coffee Date: Turning 29

Last week I celebrated my last birthday in my 20s. That's right, I turned 29. Honestly, I think the event was harder on my parents than it was on me. They kept whispering (whining) "I can't believe my baaaaaby is going to be 30 next year!". Slow down, Mom and Dad, slow down!

This past year has been one of the hardest years personally, and yet one of the greatest professionally. While I worked harder than I ever have in my life for SJ, my husband and I had to put ourselves on the back burner for the year so we could celebrate lots of joyous occasions with our friends and family. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE celebrating with the people I adore. But it's bittersweet because my husband works on weekends and we had to devote all of his vacation time in order to attend weddings. My boss, on the other hand, needs to learn about the whole "vacation" concept. I haven't given myself significant time off at all this year. Ths husband and I are in desperate need of a vacation, and our home is just screaming for a little TLC (new bathroom? updated exterior?). We've already got plans to take time much needed time for ourselves next year. Siiiiigh.

I've been joking that my 28th year was my year of "suck it up and know it will be over soon". I know that's kind of a crappy outlook, but it was a looooong, rough year. It seems fitting that I spent my 29th birthday (and last few days of being 28) with a miserable cold, ha! BUT that doesn't mean my birthday sucked. The opposite, really. It forced me to relax and focus on me for a few days. My mother made me soup on my birthday, my husband gifted me an iPhone case I have been eyeing for a while, Miss Juliet finally started eating all of her food (thanks to a magical sprinkle of parmesan cheese), my icky sniffles subsided, our best friends came over to brew our own beer, I went apple picking with two of my dearest girlfriends, and I got to work with lots of new SJ brides. I think, by the looks of it, my 29th year is ALREADY off to a great start!

Come back every Thursday for a coffee (or tea!) date. During our coffee dates, I let my hair down and chat a bit more personally about whatever's on my mind, as if we were old friends catching up over a cup of java at the local coffee house. See you next week!