Heirloom Highlight: Haven Suite

Water color is the in-thing right now, and rightfully so. It's beautiful, can easily be digitally printed, and adds an element of fine art to a design. I was hesitant, at first, to dabble with watercolor, which is funny because watercolor was my jam back in my fine art days.

So when I decided to add watercolor, I wanted to it to be more about color variation and to be used as a way to enhance an overall design, rather than be the overall design.

And then Charmaine and I teamed up and the light bulb went off. Calligraphy + watercolor. We worked on this lovely design for months, and the Haven invitation was brought to life. I absolutely love the way the watercolor makes the calligraphy feel painted - with subtle changes in the colors throughout each letter. While the watercolor is on the back of the invitation AND on the details card, it still feels like a subtle detail that perfectly enhances the stunning modern calligraphy.

It's a bonus that the Haven suite is affordable due to the fact that watercolor needs to be digitally printed! I love seeing Haven digitally printed on either cotton or thick felt paper - each invitation truly feels like a work of art and guests may even be tempted to frame it! 

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