Meet Caitlin Szewczyk - A Sincerely, Jackie Intern

Back on Monday I shared that Sincerely, Jackie has brought on two interns. We've already met Jess, and so today I have another fabulous introduction to make to all of you: Caitlin!

Caitlin is an insanely talented fine artist (just check out her drawing below!) and the creater/owner of Stick Chickens, the custest & darndest little chicken drawings that I ever did see! She has dreams of running her own business in the future, and maybe even having some of her art in a gallery, and I hope to help be just a tiny part of her dream coming true in the future! I absolutely love her energy and I cannot wait to join forces with her and work to grow Sincerely, Jackie's online presence. She's going to be helping me with social media and maintaining the Sincerely, Jackie shop. She's got a great knack for finding great articles and wedding related content, which I have asked her to share with everybody through Twitter and Facebook - so when you see awesome pictures & links, give all thanks to her!

Just the way I asked Jess to share some things about herself, I asked Caitlin the same questions. So join me in learning more about Caitlin:

Name:  Caitlin Szewczyk
Location: Massachusetts
Places to find you: ,
Brief background info:  Self-taught artist & photographer
                                   Owner & Creator of Stick Chickens™
                                   Paralegal, Paralegal Certificate from Boston University.
                                   B.A. in Humanities, University of Michigan
                                   Studied Interior Design at Henry Ford CC
                                   Lived in Padua, Italy in 2008
                                   Worked at Walt Disney World, Disney College Program in 2005

What's your dream job:  A traveling Artist.
Your favorite thing about paper: The texture.
Any Hobby/Hobbies:  Traveling, Gardening, Tough Mudder, Running, Reading, Snowboarding
Favorite TV shows:  Burn Notice, True Blood, Dallas, White Collar, Law & Order
Night owl or early bird:  Night Owl
Cake or pizza:  Ice Cream.

Caitlin also has a pup, Martha, who has a resemblence to my own Miss Juliet, which means I am already in love with her. Plus, I think dogs with people names are the best things ever. How cute is Martha!?

So everybody please join me in welcoming Caitlin (and Martha) to Sincerely, Jackie!