10 Things You Don't Know About Jackie

Every now and again I get this wierd feeling that I'm drifting away into the background of business. It's wierd, because Sincerely, Jackie pretty much consists of me (plus now I've also got Caitlin & Jess), and yet I feel like sometimes folks don't know the woman behind the business. I also think that moving from my old blog, which had a pretty good following, to this new one, has caused a bit of an identity crisis for myself. To be honest, I feel like I left a big chunk of who I am over at the other blog, and I need to make more of an effort to bring bits of my personality to this here website.

So, what better way to do that than to share 10 interesting facts about myself, that I bet you don't already know?

Are you ready to bond? Let's go!

1- I love criminal psychology shows: Criminal Minds (helllllllo Morgan!), Castle, and The Mentalist are three of my favorites. If there is a marathon on, I become a TV watching zombie and find it nearly impossible to take my eyes away from the screen.

2- Next week (July 6th) marks 10 years since I have been dating my husband. That's right folks, we're true highschool sweethearts and have been together since 11th grade.

3- It's physically impossible for me to watch "A Baby Story" without bawling my eyes out in an ugly-cry sort of way.

4- This video makes me laugh so hard I snort. Every. Single. Time.

5- I'm a really, really, really, really happy drunk person. And while it takes a lot for me to actually get stupid drunk, it only takes one drink for me to get happy.

6- Napping on leather couches is my favorite.

7- I'm allergic to pretty much any insect that bites, including mosquitos. Luckily, I'm not anaphalactic, but I do get massive infections that usually require doctor attention within 24 hours. In fact, during the summers, my doctors pretty much give me walk-in permission.

8- I simply cannot watch movies/shows that involve animal cruelty. It upsets me to my core, and I'm guaranteed to have nightmares.

9- My favorite part of the day is my commute home from work. It takes me about 45 minutes and I call my mom and talk with her the entire ride. Every single day. (using my hands-free, thank you very much).

10- I'm incredibly jealous of people that can eat the same thing every day, without ever getting sick of it. If I eat something more than a few days in a row, I get so sick of it that it'll actually nauseate me - and then I won't be able to eat it again for months.


So there you have it! Did you know any of those things about me? Do you have any fun facts about yourself?