Meet Jess Haile - A Sincerely, Jackie Intern!

I cannot even tell you how flipping excited I am to announce that Sincerely, Jackie has taken on not one, but two interns! It's something I have been dreaming of for such a long time, and I am so glad that to have put myself and my business out there and open my doors to two incredible ladies who will be helping me grow Sincerely, Jackie over the next few months. Today I will be introducing you to Jess Haile, of Haile & Co., and later in the week I will be introducing you to Caitlin Szewczyk.

Without further adieu, please welcome Jess Haile! Jess is a writer/editor and she will be helping Sincerely, Jackie this summer by handling all of the promotional work and marketing type things. Jess and I actually recently joined forces when she edited Jess Lively's eBook and I designed it. She's incredibly talented, easy to talk to, a hard worker (I can go on and on), and I am so excited to have her with Sincerely, Jackie this summer!

I asked Jess if she could answer a few questions about herself so that you could all get to know her better. So instead of me babbling about how great she is, why don't we hear what she has to say about herself!

From Jess:

Name: Jessica Haile

Location: Bethlehem, PA

Places to find you: You can find me at, @HaileandCo on Twitter, Haile & Co. on Facebook,, jesshaile on Pinterest, and haileandco on Instagram.  Whew.

Brief background info: I'm a Cancer, and I love long walks on the beach.  Wait, not that kind of background information?  Oh, ahem, well...I have a B.A. in English from Villanova University (go 'Cats!) and an M.Ed. in Secondary Education, and I've spent the past seven years as a high school English teacher, where I teach a lot of writing intensive courses.

What's your dream job: Is there someone who gets paid to test mattresses by napping on them?  I'm pretty sure I'd be awesome at that.  No?  Oh, well, in that case, my dream job is to work for myself as an editor and an independent e.publisher, helping individuals and small businesses create the best darn content possible for their needs. I especially love working with people looking to publish ebooks.

Your favorite thing about paper: I think I should first say that I love the immediacy and portability of electronic communications. My fiancé and I even buy and read all of our books through ereaders (mostly because our bookshelves are full!).  That said, there's just something about paper.  I love the tactile nature of a good piece of paper, the way it feels to write on it, the way it feels when you hold it.  Also, there's something about the permanency of writing on paper that, I fear, we're losing with electronic communications today.  Paper is enduring.  I love that I can read letters from my grandmother to my mother, of my grandmother to her mother, because I still have those.  They're tactile and real.  Paper also has a personality; you understand the nuances of the writer, and you really feel what that person is writing.  Paper brings the writer alive, and that is not only true for a hand-written note, but it's also true for stationery and invitations.  The choice of paper, of font, of color, of layout: all of this says something about the person using the paper.  It's really very personal. 

Any Hobby/Hobbies: I love to read, to garden, to sew and knit, and to do projects around the house.  We've been working on renovating our master bathroom; we ripped it out down to the studs since the shower was leaking, and now, we're building it back up.  Also, while it's not a hobby, I love bad, corny jokes.

Favorite TV shows: I actually don't really watch much TV, but when I do, I like to watch sports, HGTV, and Food Network (though I hate cooking!).  Oh, and Family Feud.  That's big around here.

Night owl or early bird: Um...neither?  My job forces me to be an early bird, though.

Cake or pizza: Oh, cake.  Without a doubt.  Cupcakes, preferably.


Thanks for the introduction, Jess!! Everybody please welcome Jess to Sincerely, Jackie

And stay tuned this week to meet Caitlin, another fabulous Sincerely, Jackie intern!