Custom Recap: Jess Lively's Wish I Knew EBook

I am so excited to share this recent project that I have been working on! For those of you that had been following the Believe Note blog, you're probably already familiar with some of the work Jess and I have been working on together. Designing for Jess is such a pleasure, and I love being a part of her exciting new business ventures - from designing her new With Intention workbooks, to this latest project, and another incredibly exciting one to come.

This latest project that I designed for her is the Wish I Knew eBook, which is a compilation of all of her Wish I Knew Wednesday newsletters, plus 100 additional small business insights from 10 women entreprenuers. The book content was edited by Jess Haile of Haile & Co. I'm pretty sure the three of us were a dream team, and the book completely represents all of the hard work we put into it.

The book has nearly 280 pages full of small business tips, insights, and really helpful tricks to help you stay motivated & efficient while you grow your business. From how to name your business, to the best accounting and shipping software, Jess covers absolutely everything that you may have ever had a question about. Oh, and of course, the book is chock full of beautiful design.

If you're interested in purchasing this book, it is now available here. Buy it, devour it, and then grow, baby, grow!