jackie's summer essentials

As summer starts to wind down for most of us, I'm starting to get excited about pumpkin spice lattes and sleeping with the windows open. However, before I pack up all of my summer things, I wanted the share some of my essentials that helped me survive the past few months.

1- This bug zapper raquet is my #1 summer must have. For the times you see a mosquito flying across the room, or a green-fly buzzing around your head, this zapper is essential. You just press a button, whack the bug, and ZAP. (is it really bad that I actually enjoy zapping mosquitoes?)

2- This Vodka Mojito recipe is a staple in our house during the summer, and all of our guests love it too! I have tons and tons of fresh mint in the porch garden, so I make triple batches of the mint simple syrup and then freeze it in small batches for when we have get togethers. The vodka makes it a smooth, refreshing twist, and man, trust me when I say these do down easy!

3- The summer is always hard on us curly girls, so I lean extra heavy on my Deva products. This spray is great for get-up-and-go mornings, or after a nap on the beach. Plus, it smells great!

4- While I don't have this sweatshirt yet, it is already an absolute essential for our annual camping trip in Montauk next year!

5- I'm obsessed with gold lately, as you can tell by my swooning here and here, so you really shouldn't seem surprised to see Essie gold nail polish on my summer essential list.

6 - Lastly, Miss Juliet (our German Shepherd/Collie/Chow/Chicken mutt dog) loves the warm summer evenings as much as we do. And since we live on the water, next to a park, there's no excuse not to enjoy the cooler evenings outside. The Chuckit has been our go-to dog toy since day one, as it keeps my hands slobber free and still lets me throw the ball far enough for Miss Juliet to get some good running in. Also, it's one of the very few balls we've found that Juliet can't chew up! Awesome!

Do you have any summer essentials that you cannot live without? I'd love to hear about them!