I remember when I first started designing, one of my favorite days of the week was Friday, not because it was the last day before the weekend, but because of all the "Font Fridays" that other designers were having on their blogs. As a newbie, it was a peek into the font lists of my most admired designers, and helped me make better choices in the fonts I purchased/invested in.

While not as many designers are doing Font Fridays as regularly as they used to, my friend Kerry of Super Swoon, still does hers, and I still follow religiously.

Since it's such a fun little thing to do, and maybe you'll get some cool new font exposure from it, I have decided to start doing Font Fridays. From now on (or as often as possible), I'll highlight a font I love on Fridays.

First up, I have been crushing on Medusa for a nice long time now. I think she's a beautiful, traditional, calligraphy style font that works so well for me in many of my custom wedding invitations.

In fact, I love Medusa so much, I recently used her on a New Years design submission for Minted.

I just love how elegant the font is, while still being a touch unique! Doesn't Medusa work so well in this New Year, New Night card? Maybe, if it got enough votes, you'll be able to purchase the design later this year!

And if you aren't head-over-heals yet, you might be once I tell you that Medusa is on sale for 30% off at You Work For Them!

(oh, and something I didn't mention earlier is how Font Friday was always hard on my wallet. Whoops!)