Heirloom Highlight: Gold "With Love" Note Cards

I'm kicking of this week with an Heirloom Highlight that's lovely, meaningful, and also a nod to something exciting coming later this week (Thursday, to be exact).

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to write your friend a note, but all you had was cheesy sheets of thin stationery that said "Howdy!" or "Hi, Friend!" in some awful font that was popular in the 90's? Suddenly, that sweet note you wanted to write is feeling a lot less magical, and you instead decide to simply text your friend. Sigh. Such a lost opportunity.

I have found myself in that very situation. Time and time again. Which is embarrassing because I'm in the business of stationery and note-writing. Yet I never had the exact type of note cards on-hand to fit the message I wanted to send my friends. 

If only I had beautiful, double-thick, die cut, gold screen printed note cards with a timeless sentiment in stunning calligraphy. Note cards just like that would be perfect to have on hand, all the time, to send to friends or family.

So I decided to make those very note cards - the ones I had been wanting, that I know you have been wanting, and that we simply couldn't find anywhere else.

Now that I have solved one of the biggest problems in life, I invite you to head on over to the shop to get your very own, very perfect, very thick, very real gold, note cards. The cards showcase calligraphy by my dear friend Charmaine, and are printed using my new silk screen method, which creates a stunning raised gold (it looks just like engraving, swoooooon). The cards are perfectly sized - not too small, and not too large, and then die cut into the sweetest shape. Cards come with your choice of envelope color (or I can send you a mix of my favorite colors) and will absolutely change your life.

Alright friends, you may now go ahead and get yourself these cards, and then move along with the most wonderful Monday ever.

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