Font Friday: Bundt Cake

Happy Friday, friends!

I am SO EXCITED about Font Friday this week. Not only am I sharing one of my favorite new fonts, but I'm supporting a designer friend because guess what? She made it! I love when I know the actual designers behind the fonts. It kind of makes me feel like I know a celebrity, but better. I mean, I went to high-school with Lindsay Lohan, but I don't get at all excited when I see her in the news. But this new font by my friend Julie? I want to jump up and down and yell "I know her, I know her!"

Am I embarrasing you yet, Julie?

So, friends, join me in jumping up and down while drooling over this fun, playful, classic font called Bundt Cake.

Oh, and have I ever mentioned how much I like cake? Bundt cake, that is. I think naming a font after my favorite dessert might be the best marketing tactic ever. This font as as delicious as the dessert, but with zero calories. It just doesn't get any better than that.

If you're like me and cannot live another day without a new font, click here to purchase Bundt Cake (at a steal for just $24) and support my friend, Julie.

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