Heirloom Highlight: Diamond

Couples often sit across from me, scratching their heads, looking back and forth, closing one eye - then the other, sending photos to their mothers....Why? Because they're torn between two designs and just. cannot. make up. their. minds. Sigh.

That's what happened when Marissa and Jordan came for their initial consultation. They adored the Auric invitation, but really wanted something fun and energetic, with confetti from the Merriment invitation. And, of course, since Jordan's last name is Diamond, they also needed a little gem in there, too.

The final result is the perfect combination of classic-meets-festive, accented with gold foil, black letterpress, and a diamond monogram. Using Auric as the main design, and touches of confetti in the corners, I think we came up with the perfect way to stop the head scratching and agonizing decision making!

We went with a 24K gold foil, paired with black letterpress, on warm white cotton paper for the invitations; digitally printed reply cards, and a small monogram square in foil to hold the suite together. I absolutely adore the gold velvet ribbon, tying it all together.

I've named this new invitation Diamond (how could I not?!) and added it to the Heirloom Collection. There are a handful of samples in stock, and you are welcome to order one through the shop, here.

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