Font Friday: Nadhine Script

Somebody recently asked me if I would ever get sick of script fonts. I'm pretty sure I physically recoiled when they asked the question. Little beads of sweat formed on my forehead, and my hand grasped my chest as if my heart were being ripped out.

I could never get sick of script fonts. Especially gorgeous, swirly, fluttery, romantic ones.

In fact, I've got a new one I'm crushing on right now. Nadhine script.

Her pretty little swashes make my heart beat faster. I can already see her on a wedding invitation, perfectly spelling out the bride and groom names. Dancing sweetly across the paper. Oh, friends, I could never get sick of script fonts.

The best part about Nadhine is the price - for $15, I'm pretty sure you'll never get sick of her either.

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