Heirloom Highlight: Cirque

Anybody else feel absolutely haunted by the leftover Halloween candy? When I used to work in an office, everybody would bring in their leftover candy and leave it out in the main conference area. It would take weeks, but eventually the candy would disappear. Now that I work from home I am really, REALLY careful not to buy too much candy because there's nowhere for me to bring the leftovers! One trick I have learned is to put all the extra candy in the freezer. I might still eat some, but man, a rock solid chocolate bar does not go down as easily as a room temperature one does. The frozen candy definitely slows me down and makes me think twice before eating it. Helllllo, I have definitely known people to break a tooth on a frozen Snickers. No. Thank you. 

Back to the topic - because I really didn't plan to spend this whole post talking about candy.

Today I wanted to introduce you to another one of the most popular Calligraphy Collection designs. The Calligraphy Collection is a collection of invitations that I have designed and that feature calligraphy by Everly, Calligraphy. This particular design is called Cirque and has been winning brides over since before it even officially launched.

The combination of whimsical calligraphy, modern typography, and classic colors are perfect in Cirque! The original design is silk screen printed in white ink on a soft grey, double thick paper. The combination of white ink on grey paper is romantic and fresh at the same time. Over the last few months brides have been requesting  Cirque in ever color imaginable. I especially loved a recent bride that printed it in gold and grey silk screen ink on ivory paper. So lovely!

If you'd like to order a sample of Cirque, you can do so here, though the Etsy shop.

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