Font Friday: Brenda

I briefly thought about sharing a spooky font in honor of Halloween tomorrow, but I decided that's not really my thing. When designing items with a clear theme, I still usually keep my font choices more classic - and then bring the theme in through colors and overall design.

So, sorry, but this week is not a bloody, gruesome font - but a really warm calligraphy font. Brenda is not at all scary, in fact I think she feels like a knitted blanket while sitting in front of the fire. I just love how rough she is around the edges, while still being comfortable and familiar. This is exactly the type of font I can see my clients using for the guest addresses on their envelopes because it doesn't feel so much like a calligraphy font as it does true calligraphy. And that, my friends, is unique and wonderful. For $17 you can buy Brenda and use it to print 100 envelopes, which would save, hmm, like $300-$500 in real calligraphy. Perfect if you're working with a tight budget!

Ah, so I suppose maybe Brenda is scary. Scary good! (see what I did there?)

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