Font Friday - Revista

Today I'm sharing a font that I've had my eye on for over a year. Yes, I remember fonts that I've seen years ago and somehow always think about them. Ask me what I had for lunch yesterday though? That I couldn't tell you (probably because I didn't have lunch. Why don't moms eat?).

Revista first popped in my radar thanks to a few other designers who shared it in a group page. It was one of those "GUYS! Has anybody seen this font?!" types of posts. Ever since then, I've been waiting for Revista to go on a mega sale so that I could purchase it. I think it's currently 30% off, but still comes in at $160, which is too much of an investment for me at the moment. Although, honestly, that price is not at all bad considering how well-done the font is, and also considering that it's a font family consisting of 26 different fonts & variations. Yes, 26! So if you divide the $160 by the 26 fonts included, it's really only $6.15 each. How's that for some backwards justification?! You know I want a font badly if I break out a calculator to figure out a way to justify it!

I personally love the thicker weights available, and the coordinating script. I could especially see the fonts being used in a logo or more graphic design type project - or for a casual, sweet wedding invitation. How would you use Revista?

You can purchase Revista (and most of my Font Friday picks!) from Creative Market.

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