Font Friday: Meet Jennifer Wick, Lettering Artist & Designer

You guys! I have such a special Font Friday for you today, I can hardly stand it.

Jennifer Wick is, hands down, my favorite designer EVER. She's so darn good, that I really would like to hate her, but I can't hate her because I'm too busy loving her. Does that make any sense?

Aside from being an all-around incredible designer, Jen is particularly mind-blowing when it comes to hand lettering. In fact, when I dreamed up the branding for Sincerely, Jackie, Jen was the only person I wanted to create a logo for me. Her style is playful, and whimsical while still maintaining a level of elegance and a timeless quality.

Most of Jen's work is available through Minted, but here are a few of my favorite Jennifer Wick designs featuring her typography work and lettering.

I think I probably could have added a million of Jen's designs here, but I showed some self-control and am highlighting three of my favorites. Jennifer also just won first place for THE LARGEST Minted competition, The Holiday Challenge. Her surprise first place reveal video is heart warming & touching. I am so happy for her - both as a friend and a designer. This gal as incredible, and I adore having a piece of her in my life and in my brand. Love you, Jen! Keep on rocking!

To see more of Jennifer's beautiful lettering work, and purchase one of her designs for yourself, visit her shop at Minted.

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