Font Friday: Harman

Congratulations friends, we've made it to another Friday, and another chance to gush over a font. Today I'm sharing Harman, a font that came through my Pinterest feed a few weeks ago and I've been dreaming about ever since.

What initially drew me into Harman is the script font that is included with the font family. But when I discovered that Harman actually includes 17 fonts with the entire font family, well, that sealed the deal. I was in love. While I tend to gravitate towards the more classic, clean typefaces, I can't help but enjoy a few good fonts that showcase hand-lettering and whimsical details.

Harman perfectly blends a family of whimsical serif, sans-serif, and script fonts, along with a lot of fun graphic extras, like starbursts, banners, and a boatload of ampersands. A BOATLOAD! I mean, seriously, do you see this series of ampersands? If you as me, the ampersands along are worth the investment of Harman. You can also just purchase the extras package for $9, which includes the ampersands. Can you tell yet how much I love the ampersands?

While Harman is an investment font, at $119.00 for the entire font family, I am a big fan of breaking up this font and just purchasing the elements you like the most. I personally want the script and extra graphic elements. If I broke them up, it would cost me around $40 for the three elements I want most, which is much more affordable. I also know that Harmon goes on sale occasionally for 50% off. Now THAT is worth waiting for! The next time I see this bad boy on sale, I'm snatching him up.

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