Font Friday - Asterism | Sincerely, Jackie New York Letterpress Wedding Invitations

It's Friday! Hooray!

I have to admit that today has already not been going off exactly how I expected. I woke up at 2:45am to the sound of helicopters overhead - and learned that there was a very sad event that happened overnight in the water by my home. I don't mean to put a somber tone to todays post, if anything, I'm happy to have the routine of Font Friday to distract me from the activity taking place outside.

In any event, today I'm featuring Asterism. She's a beautiful calligraphy font by the amazing Molly Jacques, and has been getting a lot of face time on designs lately. It's no wonder - Asterism is simple, elegant, clean, and perfectly blends hand calligraphy with readability. Pair the beautiful aesthetic with a beautiful cost - only $30 - and I'm wondering why you don't already have Asterism!

I'm using Asterism with two of my current branding clients, and am happy to have it as part of my font library.

Happy Font Friday friends!