2014 Wedding Invitation Pricing | Sincerely, Jackie Letterpress Wedding Invitations

The New Year brings a lot of new things - new designs, new resolutions, and new pricing. You can now find the 2014 Wedding Invitation Guide available for download here. As I mentioned previously, I will be honoring 2013 prices for up to five brides who leave their deposits by January 31st. There are only two spots left, so if you're interested, please contact me before their gone!

You may also notice that the new Wedding Invitation Guide differs in a few ways from the previous one. I found the previous guide was a bit overwhelming, so I have streamlined the information to make it friendlier and easier to understand. I've also added pricing for some of my most popular upgrades (such as 220lb paper and edge painting), which will make it easier than ever to envision your invitations.

I'm looking forward to kicking off the New Year and working with you to create your perfect invitation experience!