Welcome to the Sincerely, Jackie blog!

Welcome, everybody, to the new Sincerely, Jackie blog! I am sad to be leaving the old blog behind, since I feel like it's gotten me through so much over the years. But, like my very first car, it's just not as good as it used to be, and no matter how much I pour into it, change is necessary, and the change is a sweet, sweet fresh start.

With all of the new things that have been going on, I'm surprised by the sense of calm and belonging that I finally have. This blog feels comfortable, homey, and friendly - and I hope you'll come back frequently to hear all of my small business tips, exciting news, and to ohhhh & ahhhh over my inspirational new design work.

As always, I'd love for you to leave comments, so that I know my mom (Hi, Mom!) isn't my only reader out there. If you're in the market for some amazing design, or if you're and old friend and just want to say hello, please email me at jackie(at)sincerelyjackie.com.

Thank you all, and welcome, again, to this special section of Sincerely, Jackie.


*photo from my wedding, courtesy of Be Creative Photography