When I was seven years old, I came upon a set of note cards sitting on the kitchen table. I was intrigued by their pure white color, gold edges and engraved calligraphy. The name at the top was my mother’s. When my mother told me they were a wedding gift, I imagined her in her white lace gown, as she walked down the aisle to meet my father on their wedding day. It seemed like the most romantic moment, captured only in photographs and the enchanting set of stationery.

From the moment I ran my fingers along the raised letters of my mother’s name, I knew stationery played an extraordinary part in life’s most celebrated events.

When my high school sweetheart proposed, I immediately began to imagine the design of our wedding invitations. Wedding stationery had always meant so much to me, and I was ecstatic to finally have the opportunity to create my own. I spent hours, days, and weeks learning everything I could about printing, paper, weight, color, texture, finishes, and more.

After our wedding, I continued to discover the craft of creating paper heirlooms, like the ones my mother shared with me, and the ones I will someday share with my family. Today, I work with brides around the world to continue the tradition of creating fine wedding stationery.