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I buy fonts the way most women buy shoes: in abundance and without telling my husband. In my spare time I study etiquette like it's my job.

Oh wait, it IS my job.

In 2005, I ditched design school to pursue a more lucrative corporate career as a leadership coach. However, the itch to design seemed to have never ditched me.

When my high school sweetheart proposed in 2008, I immediately began to design our wedding invitations. Of the entire wedding planning process, the invitations are what whet my whistle the most. I spent hours, days, and weeks learning everything I could about printing, paper, color, texture, finishes, and etiquette.

I was hooked.

For years my days were spent in Corporate America, my evenings were dedicated to graduate school (I have my Master's Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Fancy, huh?), and every other moment was devoted to learning the intricacies of fine wedding invitations and growing a small business.

My coaching career took off right at the same time as Sincerely, Jackie became a known force within the stationery world.

I had a decision to make.

In 2014, I took the corporate world by surprise. Instead of coaching leaders, I decided to become a leader. I gave my notice, and began leading at Sincerely, Jackie full-time.

Over the years I have worked with couples around the world, have been featured in countless media outlets, and have continued to grow my font library (with zero shame). Wedding invitations bring me as much joy today as they did over ten years ago, and I've even combined my expertise in a way that allows me to coach other small business leaders.

How cool is that?!

These days you'll find me at the SJ Studio in a sea of swatch books and design samples, drawing on my years of design and production experience, with the sole purpose of creating the perfect invitations for YOU. I'll be with you every step of the way: to answer your etiquette questions, help you select the perfect shade of white, commiserate about those last-minute guest list additions, and gush with you when they're done and pure perfection.




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