Wish Upon A Wedding | Sincerely, Jackie Wedding Invitations

I don't know about you, but I acknowledge that I may take a lot of my own wonderful circumstances for granted. I'm often so caught up in the exciting details of my clients weddings that it becomes easy to forget just how lucky they are to be able to have the wedding of their dreams - and how honored I am to be a part of that. So many couples aren't able to have their dream wedding, and that makes my heart break because I truly believe every couple should be able to celebrate their love exactly how they've dreamt to.

With this sentiment in mind, when a friend reached out and asked if I would be interested in spreading the word about Wish Upon a Wedding, it was a quick "yes" on my part. Wish Upon a Wedding makes wedding wishes come true for the most deserving of couples - couples who have faced serious illness, cancer, and traumatic events.

Wish Upon a Wedding has recently updated their website and they're currently granting wishes for the upcoming wedding season. Please help spread the word about this wonderful organization, and please reach out to them if you'd like them to grant the wish of a deserving couple you know.

I am not getting anything in return for this post, I genuinely believe in this cause and want to let the world know.