Stationery 101, Volume 21: Types of Envelope Flaps

To say that there is an abundance of options, when it comes to wedding invitations, would be a laughable understatement. And if you thought the options were only for the invitations themselves, well, you'd be wrong again. Believe it or not, but there are a lot of options when it comes to your envelopes! From paper color to flap shape, there is no shortage of decisions that need to be made.


EURO FLAP: The euro flap envelope is my personal favorite and what I include in all of my invitation packages. It's a long back flap with a rounded corner. The euro flap envelope is widely manufactured and comes in hundreds of colors, textures, and sizes. Each manufacturer makes their euro flap size/shape a little differently though, so you need to be careful when ordering envelope liners. If you're going to DIY your own envelope liners (many of my brides to), be sure to get liners that are compatible with the envelope you have.

SQUARE FLAP: Nothing is more classic than a square flap envelope. These lovelies have been around long before the euro flap and are commonly made in bulk for higher-end papers such as the ones used for letterpress. Many printers order square flap envelopes in massive quantities and provide them with their orders for a fraction of the cost of a colored euro flap, which make them perfect for a bride on a budget. If you're looking for a classic white or ivory envelope, these are a classic choice.

POINTED FLAP: Just as classic as the square flap, but with a little twist. The pointed flap envelope is just that - a flap with a crisp point in the middle. These are readily available and made in bulk similar to the square flap, but I find that fewer print houses stock them.

In addition to these three common envelope styles, there are many manufacturers who will create custom dies in any size and shape you'd like! From sweet scallops to notch-shaped flaps - the sky is truly the limit. Of course, as with anything custom, creating a one-of-a-kind envelope is certainly an investment. I'm finding more brides are excited about custom envelope flaps - they truly are the very first thing guests see when receiving an invitation.

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