Stationery 101, Volume 17: Invitation Insert Cards

Wedding invitation "suites" are often sold as a set pack including the invitation, reply card, invitation envelope, and reply envelope. However, most couples need additional insert cards for details around their reception, wedding website, directions, etc. The cost, of course, of the invitation package increases with each additional printed piece, so I've found that many of my clients get creative in how to include their important information.

Here are my top tips for information cards:

WHEN DO YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED AN INSERT CARD? You NEED an information card if your marriage ceremony and reception are not in the same location. In this case, your insert card would be called a "reception card" and is a a card, in addition to the invitation, that lets guests know where and when the reception is. The invitation itself conveys only the ceremony information, so an additional card is NEEDED.

WHAT IS THE STANDARD SIZE OF AN INSERT CARD? Insert card sizes vary, but the standard card is usually 4.25"x5.5", which is smaller than the invitation, but larger than the reply card. You can also play with different sizes - such as using a smaller card - if you're on a budget.

I DIDN'T BUDGET FOR AN INSERT CARD, NOW WHAT? There are a lot of great ways to offset the cost of information cards, while still incorporating them as a beautiful part of your design. Printing your insert cards digitally could potentially save hundreds of dollars, and printing cards that are smaller will also bring the cost down. Here are some of my favorite cost-saving tips.

WHAT OTHER INFORMATION CAN GO ON AN INSERT CARD? Aside from the reception information, the most common details for an insert card are about accommodations, transportation arrangements, and wedding websites.  If there is anything else that you need your guests to be aware of (such as a welcome brunch, after party, etc) you can either add it onto one insert card, or have separate cards created for each event.

Right now I am working with a bride who is having a lot of fun with her information card, and I LOVE it! Her colors are white, gold, blush and grey - so her invitations will be mostly white and gold, but she's having her information cards digitally printed in white ink on a soft grey color. SO BEAUTIFUL! And it's saving her tons of money. Music to my design-loving-cost-pinching ears!

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