Stationery 101, Volume 10: Ways to Save on Your Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are my business, and I am the first to admit that the costs involved with invitations are very, very high. There's no way around it - fine printing is expensive. Absolutely gorgeous beyond words, but expensive.

A lot of my clients come to me looking for their dream invitations, but they have a budget they need to stick with. One of my favorite parts of my job is brainstorming with my clients so that they can get their beautifully letterpress printed invitations and all of their additional paper pieces, within a comfortable price point.

Here are my top tips for cutting costs without sacrificing design:

1- STICK TO ONE COLOR/METHOD: When it comes to fine printing, sticking to one color or print method is a significant cost savings. Each additional color/method requires an additional printing plate be made, and additional runs on the press, which add to the overall cost. Since colored envelopes are included in all Sincerely, Jackie fine print wedding packages, a great way to add accent colors is with the envelopes.

2- ADD A DIGITALLY PRINTED ACCENT: Digital printing is the most affordable print method, but that doesn't mean it's not beautiful. One of my favorite things to do with clients is to digitally print information cards or belly bands. I can digitally print on almost any color paper, which is a stunning way to bring in your accent color. If you're going with a one-color letterpress invitation on house-select cotton paper (the most affordable invitation option), and your wedding accent color is blush pink, we can digitally print on blush pink paper for you information card. It will save you hundreds of dollars, while also bringing in your accent color. In the below Bourne Glam suite, my client splurged on her coral letterpress and silver foil invitations, but saved by including a small, digitally printed information card, which doubled as a ribbon tag, on matching coral shimmer paper. You'd NEVER know these invitations had a budget-friendly element!

3 - PLAY WITH SIZE: While there are standard sizes for the invitation (5x7") and reply card (3.5x5"), there are no written rules for the information card and other additional pieces. The most common information card size is 4.25x5.5", but opting for a smaller card will help cut costs. For example, a set of 100 standard 4.25x5.5" letterpress printed invitation cards is over $500, but a set of 100 digitally printed 2x3.5" cards comes in at around $160, which is over $300 in savings!

4 - DIGITALLY PRINTED GUEST ADDRESSING: Having your addresses printed on your envelopes is, in my opinion, mandatory. I cringe when clients tell me they are going to save by using address labels. Please, PLEASE, step away from the address labels. While calligraphy may be out of your budget, you should consider digital printing, which can be done in ink colors and fonts to match your wedding. Calligraphy can run upwards of $4 per envelope, while digital printing is closer to $2 per envelope.

5 - USE AN ADDRESS STAMP FOR RETURN AND REPLY ENVELOPES: Another way to save on your envelope addressing is to have a stamp created in the same style as your invitation. You can use that stamp to add your return address to the back of the invitation envelopes, and to the front of your reply envelopes. Printing the addresses is around $300 for fine printing, $200 for digital printing, and under $50 if you go with an address stamp. I'm obsessed with address stamps, and even covered them last week for Stationery 101.

6 - TRUST THE PROFESSIONALS: Lastly, but importantly, trust the professional. Invitations are my business, I work hand-in-hand with some of the best printers in the world, and it's my job to make sure things are perfect for you. I will recommend what things can be safely DIYed (tying ribbons, assembling pocketfolds) , and what things should never be attempted at home (printing of any sort). I've had clients spend thousands on their invitations, only to completely ruin them with a failed DIY attempt to save a hundred dollars. I never, every want this to happen to any of my clients. Always run your DIY ideas by me, and I will give you an honest professional opinion. I promise you that I want your invitations to turn out just as beautifully as you do!

So there you have it, my top 6 tips for saving costs without sacrifing style! Do you have any other tips you'd like to share? I'd love to hear them in the comments section.

Thank you for joining me in another Stationery 101 post! Don't forget to catch up on past Stationery 101 topics here, such as Letterpress 101, Foil Stamping 101, and Engraving 101.