Stationery 101: Creative Uses for Rubber Stamps

A few years ago I gifted every single person on my Christmas gift list a custom address stamp. That's how much I love these mighty little fellas. They're personal, thoughtful, and the type of gift that keeps on giving. Most people move relatively infrequently, so a single stamp will come in handy for years! Rubber stamps are workhorses - they can be used for dozens of projects, beyond the typical use as an address stamp. Today I'm going to share my three favorite uses for rubber stamps. Don't forget to scroll all the way to the bottom for my gift to you - a code for 20% off any Sincerely, Jackie address stamp!


1- Address Stamp: We'll start with the most obvious (to me, at least). I love gifting address stamps to newly weds, friends with new addresses, and new families. As a paper lover and avid note-sender, I love gifting the beautification of snail mail. I'm also known to recommend address stamps to clients looking for ways to stay within their invitation budgets. For under $50, the address stamp can be created using the same fonts as your wedding invitations, and you can use the stamp for the return address, reply envelopes, thank you cards, and any other bit of mail you send. I have a variety of ready-to-purchase address stamps available in the shop, here. PRO TIP: Most inks will not easily aadhere to metallic or coated papers, and some inks take a long time to dry. Always test your stamp before using it on all of your envelopes.

2- Business Packaging: I created a few different stamps using my logo. I use it to stamp linen bags, shipping boxes, sample packs, and a variety of other things. I have a few different ink pads, all in my business colors, so I switch it up when I get the urge. PRO TIP: I adore the way my logo looks when stamped on small linen bags! Fabric is not off limits for stamps, although ink will fade if washed.

3- Wedding DIY Projects: I love creating stamps for my clients that they can then use to DIY some of their own wedding elements. It's an affordable way to really add custom touches. Have a stamp made of your monogram, a key element from your stationery design, your names, your wedding date - you name it! For a recent styled shoot, I used a rubber stamp to personalize inexpensive napkins and favor tags. I just love the way they turned out! PRO TIP: A gold ink pad is a wonderful way to add metallics without the expense of foil.

One last thing I want to add is that there are two main types of stamps; self-inking, and rubber stamps. I personally am a fan of the rubber stamps - they last longer, you can switch up the colors with ink pads, and they're more affordable. Self-inking stamps, while maybe easier to use, are a bit more limiting in the available colors and in surfaces they can be used on.

I hope I've officially converted you into a stamp lover! If you have any other ideas or uses for rubber stamps, I've love to hear from you in the comments section. Come back next week for Stationery 101: White Ink on Dark Paper (hint - you can do that with a stamp and white ink pad!). Don't forget to catch up on past Stationery 101 topics here, such as Letterpress 101, Foil Stamping 101, and Engraving 101.