Paper Cuts: What To Ask on Social Media

Last week I shared four questions not to ask other professionals on social media, and your response was pretty incredible. From virtual high-fives & hugs, to heartfelt emails from Sincerely, Jackie followers who may have caught themselves asking one of the four questions in the past. I love the conversation that the post started, and am happy to have touched on a sensitive subject in a helpful, delicate way.

But I couldn't leave you all hanging after last week. One of the fundamental rules as a professional coach is to always follow up constructive critisicim with some positive suggestions to replace the negative habits. So this week I'm sharing what questions TO ask on social media.


1: Vendor Information - instead of asking "what printer do you use?" you'd have better luck with something along the lines of "Do you have any tips for finding a decent/affordable/reliable/local/etc. printer?". The answer will most likely be both specific and vague, "check online and then start sending print jobs to a lot of places. When you find a printer you love, well there ya go!".

2: Pricing: instead of asking "what does it cost for 100 invitations?" I would suggest asking for the person's contact information. Say something along the lines of "I'd love to hear more about pricing, is there a way for me to get in touch with you?". The first question I literally cannot answer, but the second is easy peasy pumpkin pie.

3: Font Usage: I don't really have a suggestion for replacing "what fonts do you use in XYZ design". It's a no-no, no matter how you slice it. BUT if you're not a stationery designer, are working on a project not at all like something I've worked on, and realllllly need to know what the font is, I would suggest sending a very nice emailing along the lines of "I love your work! Your XYZ invitations have a beautiful script in them, and I'm really curious, if you don't mind sharing, what font that is. I'm actually working on a brochure for my own photography business and would love to use that font.". I would probably answer that email. They don't appear to be in a position to try to copy my design for profit, they are in a different field, they're super nice, they're only asking for one font (and not every font used in XYZ design), and they're telling me why they are asking.

4: Following Back: Again, no real suggestion here. If you're a legitamite account, the best way to get followers is to produce beautiful, original, authentic content, and to be actively interacting with other people.

Honestly, guys, you all ask some really good questions, and I want to thank you for that! Your questions make me think, and help provide me with inspiration for these blog posts. Your input, emails, comments, and support  are all on point. Kudos!

Wednesdays here on the blog are all about sharing Paper Cuts, which is a behind-the-scenes, down to Earth business advice series. I hope you've enjoyed today's Paper Cuts topic, and look forward to having you back next time! To read past Paper Cut posts, click here.