Paper Cuts: Creating a Client Experience

Something that keeps me up at night is the question, "How can I make brides love working with me?". It's no secret that the wedding invitation market is becoming saturated - and there are a lot of very, very talented stationers out there. So when a bride reaches out to me, it's SO important for me to know exactly what makes Sincerely, Jackie different, special, and unique.

I'm a natural people person - I like to make people happy, I like to help them, I like to make them laugh, and I like for them to love the experience that I give them. That right there is what I realized makes Sincerely, Jackie different, and that right there needs to be center focus for me as I grow my business.

An invitation is an invitation is an invitation, but I, Jackie, am one-of-a-kind and it's my job to create a client invitation experience that speaks to me, and makes my clients fall in love with working with me. My niche is focusing on my client first, and then working with top notch printing professionals to bring my clients invitation to life. Of course things like quality, perfection, etiquette, etc are all VERY high on my priority list, but my brides trump all.

So what exactly does the Sincerely, Jackie invitation experience involve? Well, first, it involves talking to each and every bride one-on-one. Local clients are invited to visit my home studio, which means they also get to meet Miss Juliet. I spend anywhere from 1-2 hours with my client during our consult, and I invite them to come (or call) back at any time during the time we are working together. My clients are given tons of samples, information, templates, estimates, gifts, and goodies. Each service or product that I provide my client speaks to myself and the Sincerely, Jackie brand.

Have you thought about the experience that you provide your clients? What does your experience say about you and your brand? If you haven't thought about it much, I urge you to begin. You may have a totally different approach than me, which is perfectly fine. As long as you know what (and why) you offer your clients, you're already be ahead of the competition!

Wednesdays here on the blog are all about sharing Paper Cuts, which is a behind-the-scenes, down to Earth business advice series. I hope you've enjoyed today's Paper Cuts topic, and look forward to having you back next time! To read past Paper Cut posts, click here.