Meet Miss Juliet

I've always had pets growing up, and cannot imagine life without such a sweet, constant companion. When my parents got married, their first dog was a Golden Retriever, named PJ, who I spent my early childhood with. I remember laying on her big, fluffy belly and dressing her up with my hair clips and jewelry. Later, we had a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, named Maggie, who still holds a dear, dear place in my heart. She saw me through middle school, high-school, and college. She fell in love with my boyfriend (now husband) just the same as I did. When I had a surgery, Maggie loyally kept herself at the foot of the sofa where I lay to recover.

My husband never had pets growing up (aside from a lizard), so when we purchased our first home, we were both giddy with excitement to be able to have a dog of our own. Five months after moving in, we went to a local shelter to browse. There were rows and rows of energetic pups, all bouncing, barking, and playing in their cages. Then, there was one pup, timidly watching from the back corner of the cage, who caught my eye immediately. I stuck my finger into the cage, and a little black tail peeked out and started wagging. She didn't move, but she closed her eyes and wagged that tail endlessly, as if she was imagining what it would be like to be rescued. When a shelter worker retrieved her from the cage, and handed her to me, she shook in my arms, then took a deep sigh and snuggled ever so close. She instantly became ours, and we became hers.

We knew she was rescued from the South (Georgia, the shelter told us), so we decided to name her Miss Juliet, as it seemed proper and charming, just like her.

She still closes her eyes when she's happy (and even peeks out her tongue when in pure joy).

Miss Juliet is forty-five pounds of pure, happy energy; bounding through life with a sense of gratitude that I wish I could embody myself. While we aren't positive what her exact breed make-up is, we believe she is Border Collie (or Australian Shepherd), German Shepherd, and Chow=. She has a black tongue, an affinity for pretzels, and a mild case of heartburn (nothing an antacid can't fix!). She's also one of the smartest, most energetic dogs I have ever encountered. She rings a bell when she needs to go outside, knows Dexter is the squirrel that often visits our porch (and will go to the door to look for him if you ask her "where's Dexter?"), and can spell P-A-R-K, W-A-L-K, and O-U-T. 

So, please join me in loving Miss Juliet, and I hope you don't mind seeing plenty of her in the future!

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Thank you to Jainé, of Brklyn View Photography, for all of the beautiful photos, and for befriending Miss Juliet.