Heirloom Highlight: Gold Edge Thank You Card Sets

We each have little habits that we hold onto dearly. For me, it's showing gratitude and appreciation for others. In fact, when I was working full-time as an executive coach, I would often spend entire sessions with company leaders talking about the importance in their showing appreciation to staff. Organizations often think they need to thank employees with giant bonus checks or fancy gifts, but often, the most meaningful gift is a sincere note of appreciation, a quick slice of pizza, or getting to go home early on a Friday.

My husband I had a few months of change - we sold our first home, purchased a new one, went to Italy, and I left my full-time job. We received house warming gifts, congratulatory gifts, goodbye gifts, and neck-squeezing hugs during our time of transition. The support and love we felt was huge, and I wanted to make sure to thank each person in my favorite way - with a beautiful thank you note.

I wanted the cards to be sweet, simple, and really special. I also needed them to be printed quickly, which is why I decided to have them digitally printed, versus letterpress or foil. The cards feature the simple sentiment of "thank you" on the front, and have a delicate blush and white polka dot pattern on the back. To add that touch of something truly special, I printed them on thick felt paper and hand-painted the edges gold.

Since these cards are so special to me, I decided to make enough so that I could also share them with all of you. They are now available in boxed sets of 6, 12, 18 or 24 and come with white envelopes. They make lovely gifts, or you can keep them on hand for yourself. I truly hope you'll enjoy writing sweet notes of gratitude on these cards, I know I have. Click here to visit the shop and get your own gold edged Thank You card set.


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