Heirloom Highlight: Fun Chalkboard Inspired New Year Cards

Sarah and I have been friends since birth, and I am not exaggerating. Our parents were friends long before we were, and growing up I always told people she was my cousin. It seemed like a more appropriate way to describe how close we were. Fast forward almost 29 years and we're still partners in crime.

Every year Sarah sends out New Year cards, and I love creating them for her. We always use the greeting of "cheers", since Sarah and her husband are co-founders (and authors!) of the wildly successful Beer Union blog and their book Beer Lover's, New York. This year she and her husband took a series of photos that they wanted to use on the cards in a fun, playful way. I was inspired by washi tape, chalkboard, and polaroids - and I love the way these cards came out! The bursts of color and texture, paired with a playful mix of fonts, make this card one of my favorite designs to date. We paired the cards with kraft envelopes as the finishing touch.


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