Heirloom Highlight: Darling

Last week I shared the Cirque invitation, which is lovely and whimsical and juuuuuust a touch outside of the box. This week I am sharing the Darling invitation, which, believe it or not, is actually the exact same calligraphy style used in Cirque!

One of my favorite challenges when designing the Calligraphy Collection was coming up with unique ways to showcase Charmaine's (my calligraphy partner) most saught after calligraphy styles. So many of the invitation designs actually use the same styles of calligraphy, and it was my job to make sure each design felt different and unique. 

With Darling, I really wanted to simple, sweet calligraphy to take center stage. Since the calligraphy is a beautiful blend of modern and classic, I decided to go with a modern sans serif font for the entire invitation. The whole design still feels very traditional though, thanks to a timeless layout and perfect etiquette.

Darling is printed in my new favorite soft champagne gold foil on 110lb pearl (ivory) cotton paper. The simple printing and colors makes Darling the perfect invitation to pair with any invitation color. As you can see, I couldn't decide on just one look, which is why Darling was shot with both grey and black envelopes.

If you're interested in having Darling as your wedding invitation, please order a sample. All samples come with the invitation, The Invitation Experience booklet, color guide, and paper samples.

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