Get to Know Jackie

Maybe you're new to the blog, or maybe you're a long-time friend; either way, I thought it was time to do a fun little post on ME! I recently introduced you all to Angela, the newest SJ team member, and it was brought to my attention how unfair it was that I never filled out the same interview questions for myself. Doh! So here I am, answering my own questions.

Here we go!

Name: Jaclyn Mangiolino. You can call me Jackie. My husband calls me Jack, and my mom calls me Daughter.

Location:  North Bellmore, NY. Also known as the south shore of Lawng Island.

Places to find you:

Here on the blog, as well as on







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Brief background info:

I was the artsy-type in high-school, and wanted to be an interior designer when I grew up. In fact, I got a scholarship and spent my first year of college studying interior design at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston. Going to school for design sucked all the joy out of the creative process for me, so I moved back to NY to start from scratch and figure out what I really wanted to do with myself. I took a TON of classes at a local community college, where I fell in love with Industrial/Organizational Psychology - which is essentially the psychology of people within businesses and organizations. I went on to get my undergraduate degree in Psychology, got an internship with a company in their Talent Development department, and then got hired full time into that company. I worked on succession planning, organizational strategy, professional coaching, interpersonal skill coaching, and course development. I LOVED IT. But, I missed having a creative outlet. I began submitting stationery designs to Minted as a way to create, which then grew into my first stationery studio, Believe Notes, and then blossomed into Sincerely, Jackie.

I continued to work full-time, grow Sincerely, Jackie, and I even went on to get my Master's Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. I finished my thesis last year, and have one last class this semester before I'm done, done, done with school. In the meantime, my husband and I purchased a home this past May, and I left my full-time job this past July to pursue Sincerely, Jackie. It's funny how full-circle life has turned out to be!

What's your dream job:

 I’m pretty much living it! I love designing and working from home, but I kind of miss coaching. I'd love to find a way to continue designing while also coaching and mentoring other passionate small business owners.

Your favorite thing about paper:

The emotions that come from it. Paper has been around for centuries as a way to preserve a moment in time, and I just love continuing that tradition. Whether it's a birthday card, a hand-written recipe, an invitation, or a photo - it's all on paper, and it's all so sentimental.

Any Hobby/Hobbies:

I love interior design, which I guess is pretty obvious now that you know my background. I live within 30 minutes of 5 Home Goods stores, so you can usually find me at one of those on the weekends. I also troll Craigslist endlessly in my spare time, and have even been know to draw up floor plans for my house when I don't have the money to actually buy new things.

Favorite TV shows:

  I'm not really a TV person. If I watch TV, it's usually on the background while I browse Craigslist at night. I tend to flip from TLC, to the History Channel, to Food Network and HGTV.

Night owl or early bird:

  Early bird. I'm up at the crack of dawn and am most productive before 1pm. It's all downhill after 3pm, and there's a chance I'll be tucked into bed by 9pm most nights. Proud of it.

Cake or pizza:

 Pizza. Always pizza.

Favorite Font:

I'm all about the classics. I love Archer, and Brandon.

Anything people don't know about you:

I curse like a sailor, take nothing personally, and I have a wicked sense of humor. I'd like to say it's from being married to a cop, but truth is that it's from working in corporate Human Resources for so many years.

Favorite part of working at Sincerely, Jackie:

Having Sincerely, Jackie is my opportunity to create the life I want to live. I have the ability to design for clients I love, collaborate with people who set my heart on fire, and help grow & mentor other ladies to be the best versions of themselves that they can be. I love feeling like I have a ball of play-doh (opportunity) in my palms to mold and create with what I'd like. It's pretty amazing.

Thanks for stopping by everybody, I hope you've enjoyed getting to know me a little better!

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