Font Friday - Rolling Pen

I cannot believe we are already at our first Friday of December. This time of year always goes by so quickly for me, but I love having little traditions, like Font Friday, to help me keep track of week after week.

Today I am featuring a font by one of my favorite designers ever: Alejandro Paul. Not only is he a cofounder of Studipos, and an incredibly, incredibly talented type artist, but he is from Argentina, which is brownie points for me (my husband's family is from Argentina. Hooray meat & potatoes!). I feel like every time I stumble upon an all-time favorite font, Ale Paul and Studipos are behind it.

Rolling Pen is the latest font created by Ale Paul, and he described it on his Instagram feed a few months ago as the "whiskey drinking cousin" of Business Pen, which is also a favorite of mine.

I love the way Rolling Pen blends casual, hand written style with the flourishes and elegance of a sophisticated script. It's such a fresh take, and makes the font perfect for an array of different designs.

You can purchase Rolling Pen here for $79, and you can pet that it's on my Santa list this year!