Font Friday: Rivea

I've been dropping lots of hints lately around a BIG announcement that'll becoming in the next few months. Maybe you've already caught on, but if not, here's another hint: my heart has been aflutter with calligraphy lately. All types of calligraphy. Including modern calligraphy, like Rivea.

I love the bouncing base lines, the exaggerated letters, and the playful twist on such a classic lettering technique. Personally, I really love pairing modern styles of calligraphy with more traditional typefaces and colors - it's the perfect blend of old meets new, classic meets contemporary, and fun meets elegant. Rivea is exactly the style font that I would use for names on an invitation, single accent words, or to highlight important bits of information on a design.

For just $36, this modern beauty can be yours! Great job, Magpie Paper Works, on this perfect font!

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