Font Friday: Pretty Script

Are you all superstitious about the whole Friday the 13th thing? I remember twenty years ago (holy crap, I'm feeling old right now) going on a camping trip with my Girl Scouts group. We drove up to the campsite on a Friday the 13th and our car broke down on a little dirt road. Imagine a car loaded with terrified 10-year-olds, convinced they were about to embark on a haunted camping trip. There were pleas to go back home and lots of tears. Poor troop Mom.

Turns out the trip was not haunted. Although, other than the car breaking down, I don't remember much else from that adventure.

So while some people may associate today with something a little dark, I certainly don't, and I'm even sharing a bright and cheery font for today. Say hello to Pretty Script - the, well, prettiest script in all the land.

Angela turned me on to Pretty a few weeks ago, and I knew I needed to add it to my collection. I love the classically playful feeling I get when using Pretty. It's like swinging on a swingset as a teen, eyes closed, dreaming of that perfect person you'll spend your life with. Sweet, romantic, nostalgic. I scored this font for only $15, so keep your eye out for that perfect moment.

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