Font Friday: Lynx

I have been really into the chic outline font trend. I've gushed over Naive in the past, and now I'm finding myself swooning over Lynx.

Lynx has a really clean, sleek feel to it, which I love for oh so many reasons. I especially love that it's a statement font, and can be used as a focal on wedding invitations, while still being effortlessly elegant. As much as I adore a script on wedding invitations, I really love when couples play with non-scripts, like Lynx.

While I love all the Lynx fonts available, I especially love the outline one. The whole package of five fonts is a little pricey at $106.00, but you could buy whichever single font you'd like for just $26. If it were me, I would probably buy the regular and the outline, just in case I wanted to use them together. Which would you buy?

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