Font Friday - LiebeErika

Good morning and happy Friday, friends! I'm excited for the weekend, as Monday is my birthday and I'm taking the day off to enjoy some down time with my husband and family. Do you have any plans for this weekend?

How about buying a new font...?

You may remember last week I shared a sweet font called LiebeKlara, and there's a good chance you ran off to purchase it immediately after reading my post, no? Well, this week I want to share her good friend, LiebeErika.

LiebeErika is just as comfortable and friendly as LiebeKlara, but she's not an italic font, and has fewer flourishes. I guess that means she's the perfect best friend to LiebeKlara, and if you have one, you should probably have them both.

Once again, at only $29.90, I'm feeling that it's nearly impossible to say no to such a sweet font. What do you think, should I buy her?