Font Friday: Kari (pssstt: it's a FREE font!)

I'm usually very anti free fonts. They remind me of my piratey Napster days, where I unknowingly downloaded lovely music - and EVIL COMPUTER DESTROYING VIRUSES! You remember those days, don't you?

When I first began dabbling with design, I leaned pretty heavily on the dreaded free fonts. At the time, I didn't understand the whole font business, or that fonts were licensed , or that they were the lively hood for some VERY talented designers. Anyway, I downloaded tons of free fonts. And promptly crashed my computer with a virus that snuck in with said free fonts. When I realized there was no hope for my computer, I had to purchase a new one. And I vowed to never download a free font again. And I haven't.

But Kari tempts me very, very much.

Those clean lines married with little swashes and touches of whimsy. I love it. I want it. I need to have it.

As badly as I want Kari, I am going to refrain. I will instead sit at my desk, with my head rested in my palms, starting longingly at my screen. I couldn't find any licensing information on Kari, and I just don't want to risk my recently purchased iMac on a free font, no matter how much it seduces me.

Have any of you downloaded Kari and lived to tell about it?

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