It may be the end of yet another month (WHAT?! WHERE DID YOU GO, OCTOBER?!) but it's nowhere near the end of my font addiction, ahem, problem, ahem, obsession, ahem, I'm making this worse aren't I?

While we all mourn the passing of time, let's join together in adoration of today's Font Friday selection, Feruci. How can a font be so perfectly balanced? It's (dare I say it!) better than PSL! The combination of a serif font with flourishes is something I've been a very big fan of for a long, long time. I love how the flourishes take a fairly straight-forward font and turn it into something visually very interesting. You know what else is interesting? That Feruci is only $12 on Creative Market.

Feruci is exactly the type of font that the grooms I meet with love. It's not super feminine, but it's also not so masculine that a bride wouldn't want it for her wedding invitations. It's pretty much the perfect in-between for modern, classic couples.

Sigh. Let's all scroll through these beautiful images of Feruci together...

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