Font Friday: Fella

If there was ever any doubt in your mind that my background is as Italian as my married name (Mangiolino) implied, I want to share that my maiden name is Quartuccio. I love my maiden name, but always struggled with that darn Q. It's so hard to make a Q pretty. In fact, most of my friends in high school (and many today) call me Tucci, as in QuarTUCCIo. Apparently they weren't crazy about that Q either.

But when I saw Fella I about stopped dead in my pinterest-scrolling tracks. The whole font is beautiful, but that Q is to DIE FOR. Why didn't Q's look like that when I was growing up? It might have changed my entire outlook on life.

As much as I adore the Fella font, I do want to point out that there really is one main Q fella in my life - my father. And it's his birthday today! So in honor of The Capitan (said in my best Spanish accent ever), Rich, Chard, and Poppa Q - I bring you a font all about our favorite letter of the alphabet, the Q.

Head on over to Behance to grab Fella for just $35. Let's say it's Poppa Q's gift to you.

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