Font Friday: Everly Calligraphy

Yesterday I officially announced The Calligraphy Collection, which is an entire new line of invitation designs that I partnered with Carmaine, of Everly Calligraphy, on. Keeping with the same beautiful calligraphy theme, today I wanted to share more lovely work from Charmaine for Font Friday.

I've mentioned in the past that Font Friday is so much more than just a pretty font. There are artists and designers behind every font (like my friend Julie who created Bundt Cake from last week) who earn a living by creating fonts for all of us to enjoy.

While Charmaine hasn't yet created her own calligraphy font (hint hint, nudge nudge), her work is awe inspiring to fontaholics like myself. Having the opportunity to work with real calligraphy, instead of a typeface, is truly an honor. So many fonts offer huge variety when it comes to flourishes and swashes, but I have learned that NOTHING beats being able to speak with the calligrapher directly and saying "hmm, can you make the flourish on the h just a little loopier and bigger?" and voilá - a completely custom flourish that perfectly compliments the design.

So, friends, let's take today to ohhhh and ahhhh over Charmaine's beautiful calligraphy - and follow her on IG for more of her work. Of course, you can see lots of her work featured front and center in The Calligraphy Collection.

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