Font Friday: Domaine Sans

Sometimes, when I'm chit-chatting with my brides, I'll mention something about the cost of a font. Nine out of ten times, my bride looks at me and says, "oh! I didn't realize you had to buy fonts!" or, "Yeeesh. I had no idea fonts could be so expensive!". That's usually when I hang my head low and explain to them that I, Jackie Mangiolino, am addicted to fonts. Expensive fonts. The Jimmy Choo's of fonts.

Today's Font Friday is certainly a Jimmy Choo type of font. Luxurious, chic, effortless, elegant, and expensive. For a cool $1,000.00 we can all own Domaine.

I know. I'm crazy. But look at the movement in the light italic letters! I desperately want to add Domaine to my collection, but even to purchase a single style would set me back $50. And what on earth would I do with just one? I mean, you can't have just one Jimmy Choo. You need a pair, at least. I suppose I could spend the $75 for a pair of Domaine styles, but I think I would prefer to oogle at my computer screen and pray for a sale.

Sorry, friends, for both making and breaking your Friday. I promise I'll be back next week with something more affordable. Don't hate me.

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