Do you ever hear a word and immediately think of another word, and then the first word gets replaced with your new, made-up word? It happens to me ALL THE DARN TIME! In fact, it happened to me with the Bodega font, which in my mind I keep called "bojangles". It makes no sense, since Bodega is the epitome of elegance, and bojangles is, well, a fried chicken empire. I suppose I love good fried chicken as much as I love a good font, so perhaps my brain isn't as far off as I feel it is.

Wait, how did I end up chatting about fried chicken for this Font Friday? Oh right, bojangles. I mean, Bodega.

Bodega is a fairly common font used for invitations, and it's easy to see why. It's a traditional copperplate script font that is legible (the number one thing my brides look for when selecting a script!), clean, and still offers beautiful flourish options. As a designer, it's a great staple to have in your font library, and is worth every penny of the $45 (other good quality script fonts are often more than double that).

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