Font Friday: Avenir Next

Don't let these wonky puke green graphics fool you, Avenir Next is one of my all time favorite sans serif fonts. To be honest, I am not exactly sure how I ended up with this font in my library, but it showed up last year when I purchased my new iMac. Maybe it came with the computer? I don't know, but I can promise you that I did not spent $1,200 on it.

Is it worth that price? Well, let's just say that I use it in more than half of my new design work, and it's become my go-to sans serif. I adore the various weights, ranging from super skinny to rather robust. If I didn't have the entire font family in my library, I would probably substitute with various other fonts that have less options, and who aren't as sexy, but who could get the job done. That sounds like I'm talking about trading in a stable husband for a one-night stand, doesn't it? Alright, so if you've got the cash to spend, spend it on Mr. Avenir, and you'll have a strong, lifelong commitment from a font partner.

I mean, hello sexy.

If you're not ready to invest in the entire font family, I personally recommend the lighter weights, which are $89 each. You can purchase those, or the entire family, on

OR - if this font really does come with new iMac computers, you can pretty much buy the new computer for nearly the same price as the font itself. Doh.

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