Font Friday: Adriane Swash

When it comes to fonts, I often find myself mixing and matching elements from different fonts together. Sometimes a font comes with an italic version that I'm not crazy about, or, on the other hand, a font has a killer italic that I love, but it needs to be paired with a non-italic from a different font. I can easily spend hours working on pairing fonts together for just two lines of text. I might be crazy in the head, or I might just be obsessed with type. Either way, today I am sharing with you a subset of a font that I absolutely adore. Meet Adriane Swash, an addition to the Adriane Text family.

I love the namesake swashes of Adriane Swash. They make a simple italic typeface come to life in a fun, unique way. I can see using this font for headlines and areas of text where you want the words to jump off the page. Is the above Hello not gorgeous?

While I probably wouldn't use Adriane Swash for an entire paragraph of text, I have a feeling it would be one of those fonts that I would find myself using all the time, paired with a more simple italic. I just love the capital letters of Adriane Swash - they have such fantastic movement. That N in Nikolas - divine!

At $60 for just this one font, it's a little on the steep side. I would wait for this to go on sale and then I would buy it so fast, it would be like a flash of instant-font-buying-light. Bam!

What do you think? Are you one of those designers that also spends hours pairing letters from all different fonts? Would you use Adriane Swash all the time, too?

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