First Move: Complete! | Sincerely, Jackie Long Island Wedding Invitations

Sincerely, Jackie is officially on Long Island! I am so excited to report that our move went well - or as well as moving in the rain can go. We are staying with my parents until the first week of May when the new house is ready, and I am genuinely enjoying living with my parents as an adult. I forgot how much I missed the energy and life that my parents bring to their home – it’s absolutely refreshing!

This whole moving process has really opened my eyes to an insight that caught me by surprise. College Point, Queens – regardless of how beautiful it is – never really felt like home. I mean, it was the place we lived, but it wasn’t that warm-welcoming-cozy-up-and-have-friends-drop-by type of home. So many people become emotionally attached to their first homes, and I really thought I would too, but truth be told, our first home was a practical investment for two young people who worked long hours, wanted a short commute, low maintenance, and the fun of decorating and updating something on a small scale. We purchased our home because we knew it was a good investment, and we liked it enough to live in it until we were ready to move on. What’s surprising to me about the move is that, after pouring so much of ourselves into the property, and being able to acknowledge all of the amazing qualities (hello, waterfront gated community with NYC skyline views!), we just never felt like it was home. I suppose it was like staying in a five-star penthouse hotel during a layover on your way to your dream vacation; amazing in every way, but no point getting attached to it.

Anyway, the very first thing that happened once we arrived at my parents house was the set-up of my Sincerely, Jackie workspace. It was really important for me to ensure that I didn't skip a beat when it came to my brides and their wedding invitations. My parents let me set up shop in their front den/office, and I'm loving the exposed brick and natural light that the room gets. I am so grateful for their willingness to let my business invade their space!

If you're following me on Pinterest, I'm sure you're noticing my obsession with all things home design right now. I cannot wait to get in the new house and start the process of making it our true home - and also the perfect home office for Sincerely, Jackie! Hooray!