Evolving With My Audience

Sometimes I forget that, while I've been in the stationery industry for over 4 years, Sincerely, Jackie has been around for less than six months. One of the main reasons why I started Sincerely, Jackie was to offer high-end, luxury wedding invitations, stationery, and branding design to clients that appreciate my style and quality. The elevated quality and service that I offer through Sincerely, Jackie meant that I needed to connect with an entirely different audience than I had in the past. As I mentioned previously, I had a challenge with reaching that ideal audience, and was unsure how to address the challenge. 

After a significant amount of reflection, paired with so many insightful emails from all of you in response to my identity crisis post, I am feeling enlightened, empowered, and ready to make some changes.

The most important thing I have discovered:
While, I have a beautiful new website and gorgeous new designs, I was communicating in a way that spoke to my previous audience, however, the products I now offer are no longer the types of products that audience can benefit from. For example, as Believe Notes, I primarily offered flat printed party invitations, birth announcements, and moving announcements. My audience consisted mostly of women who were already married with children, and I connected with them in a casual, accomodating fashion. Now, as Sincerely, Jackie, I am providing a much higher quality product, for a completely different demographic; and I need to shift my communication style in order to connect with that demographic.

So how is Sincerely, Jackie evolving?
It's important for my customers to know that I am their professional partner and responsible for making their design and printing experience an exquisite one. There will be some changes to my website, including a new "Meet Jackie" page, and updated product names and descriptions. Additionally, I will be including information about the different types of printing services that I passionately provide, including their history, methods, and recommended uses.

It's exciting for me to put myself out there as an expert on the services I provide, and to educate clients around the true craftsmanship that goes into each and every one of their printed products.